Coherent vs. Direct Detection in Metro Data Center Interconnectivity

 In Colocation, Connectivity

The expansion of global data centers has been rapid. Driven by the fierce migration to cloud-based services and constantly increasing capacity needs, internet content providers (ICPs) have built bigger and bigger facilities to store and process information. In the past couple of years though, the trend for ever-larger mega data centers has hit a wall. Once a single implementation grows beyond a certain number of servers, megawatts and square feet, it no longer delivers on new efficiencies and economies of scale. What’s more, as data centers expand, they represent a bigger risk of failure. That’s why cloud-scale operators are focusing on creating multi-data center clusters in particular geographical regions. These groupings of multiple facilities enable ICPs to offer superior business continuity, disaster recovery, and digital media delivery by maximizing the performance, availability, and redundancy of data services.

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