The Road to 100 Percent Uptime

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For a data center to be working at optimal efficiency, it requires reliable power distribution, but many have failed to recognize the impact aging power infrastructure has on downtime related to maintenance and repairs. Protecting the availability and reliability of the network through software monitoring and analysis, power backup, and surge suppression has never been more critical.

Although uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs) offer reliability when you may need to turn off power for new installations or repairs, modernizing the power-distribution network holistically can ensure less reliance on backup power to maintain a reliable network and avoid business interruption. The effects of a data center power failure can cost companies in numerous ways, and new technologies for the electrical-distribution network must emphasize reliability to prevent such failures. To address this challenge, data center managers should be looking for solutions that enhance reliability while also considering cost effectiveness and simplicity of the network, without compromising environmental or physical safety and security.

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